Geordie Test Atelier

February 27th, 2020. Newcastle's first, last and only inclusive, accessible, punk/anarchistic-inspired not-for-profit Software Testing conference. Run by testers, for everyone.

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Alreet Newcastle

Here's a crazy idea- a new Software Testing conference right here in Geordie Central!

Our crew have been involved with running meetups for a while. We have brought the Newcastle Ministry of Testing Meetup to you all for over a year. We have also helped out at our sister conference Leeds Testing Atelier. This is not our first rodeo.

We love learning

And we think that learning about how software is built, tested, deployed should be accessible and more importantly free. We're hoping to inspire real meaningful change through action and leadership. We're not afraid to be different.

We lift people up

We know working within software development is hard. Whoever you are, we want to help. When we work together and collaborate to break norms & misconceptions, we can do so much more.

We are Seeking Sponsors

Would you like to help us make the magic happen?

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Your Atelier


We'll be hosting our inaugural Atelier live from The Globe!.. No, not that globe. Newcastle's very own- a fully accessible, fully inclusive venue with real style and character! find us here


click the button at the top of the page- First Come, First Served! We want everyone to be able to join us on the day from all areas of the industry, but if you're unsuccessful you'll at least be able to force your colleagues to give an embarrassing awkward feedback "what i learnt at the 'Telier" talk ;)

Sponsor us!

If you'd like to get involved, have your company name plastered across our slides, have a slot in our "gi'us a job!" shout out section, and the opportunity to peddle sweet sweet swag, please email us!

Food & refreshments

Beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) will be readily available from right next to your seats. Food plans are underway, but nothing concrete to confirm yet. watch this space.

Submit A Talk

Simply send your abstract to with "abstract" in the subject to have your talk considered by our team of super-professional Atelielves! Deadline- Jan 9th, 2019

Code of Conduct

Find our guidelines here-


Accessible Venue


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Amazing Speakers


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Your Geordie Atelier Crew


Stephen Mounsey

Lead Agile Delivery Manager @ BPDTS LTD

Agile coach & Trainer, Tester, Scrum Master, Graphical Facilitator, Coach, Father, Husband, Sketchnoter


Rosie Hamilton

Software Developer @ Thingco

Software Developer @thingco_, Violinist, Gopher, Data Explorer, Yoga Addict, Honest Blogger, PC Gamer and Curious Learner.


Michael Allison

Senior Test Engineer @ Sage

all round cool dude.


Russell Craxford

Quality Release Manager @ Sage

Test professional who loves software testing, photography and AC Cobra's


Hannah Pretswell

Senior Test Engineer @ Scott Logic

Bug hunter by day, doodling tea-fanatic by night.


Cian McCormack

Senior Test Engineer @ Scott Logic

Software Tester, Scrum Master, Rookie Speaker, Ex-Chef, Spice Enthusiast, Collector of Rubber Ducks, Banana Loather.